Hi my name is Mike Jacques and since 2019 I’ve been earning a full time living online just from my Laptop. 

As a complete beginner I learned how to do this via a simple, step-by-step training program called Launch You and with the support of a global community called the Modern Wealthy.

This shot review will explain my journey, experience and results. 

What's The Modern Wealthy

Launch You What Is It? 

My Personal Launch You & Modern Wealthy Experience and Review

Hi, my name is Mike Jacques and I have been studying with Launch You's co-founder Stuart Ross since 2019. I have also invested a lot of time and money in various online educational products to learn how to build highly automated online income streams and online businesses (My Laptop Lifestyle). 

Modern Wealthy was my first, low cost introduction into exploring the world of online business and the vast amount of opportunities available online. It showed me in simple terms how best to go about choosing the right path for me to reach my desired goals using the resources I had available to me at that time. 

  • I built my first multiple six-figure affiliate marketing business that provides me with a passive income. This was the best way for me to start, promoting a proven, in demand products and focusing on key marketing skills. 
  • With the free time and capital generated from my first business, I went on to re-invested this into other online automated income streams in the FX and Trading space.  
  • Once my newly acquired marketing skills were recognised, I was approached to promote physical products and services for other companies, for example in the sleep assistance space.  

But this isn't really about me... it's about YOU.

I hope I've accomplish three primary things.

First, I wanted to give you an honest look inside Launch You, from someone who has been through the process, put in the effort, invested time and money and achieved some remarkable results.  

Second, I want you to be inspired to take action and start your online business. Making money online is a lot simpler than you think. Of course, it takes some hard work up front, but it's not rocket science and it's worth the effrot. 

Third, I want you to decide if Launch You offers the right path for you. Launch You isn't for everyone, like any opportunity, if you don't put in the work you won't get any results. It's all down to you and how much you want this LapTop lifestyle or whatever yout goal in life is. 

To find out if this is for you, I would recommend first signing up the free foundational training, Modern Wealthy, here.

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Warning -  Be careful out there:

I am also aware there are some unprofessional online marketers out there that will write fake reviews about many of the leading online training programs and leading industry mentors. They do this in an attempt to capture the attention of interested parties and encourage them to buy "cheeper" or "better training" so they can get paid commissions for promoting theses unscrupulous courses. 

These individuals are at the bottom of the online food chain, they have never fully invested the time or effort in these training programs. They have never built a real online business themselves.  They normally just copy information from professional websites and write a review as if they have experienced the training first hand. 

Quite frankly, this is a really unethical marketing approach that can be really misleading. 

So I hope my genuine (normal bloke) actual experience of completing this training from start to finish will dispel this typical type of nonsense and leave you with just the bear facts.

But remember, it's not the quality of the training that will deliver you the results you're looking for, it's the action you take and the type of people you surround yourself with that will determine your results. 

It's all down to you. Give yourself the best chance from the start and stay away from the bottom feeders. 


About Me

Modern Wealthy is the planning phase. Once completed I was clear on which path to take and what I needed to do to reach my goals. It was then time to learn how to actually start building my first website and start taking action rather than just consuming more video based educational material. 

So I moved onto the next phase, the Launch Pad training platform and by doing so I'd also joined the Launch You global community of digital entrepreneurs, that help support complete beginners like me during this step-by-step website building phase.   

There are a number of more advanced training options available if you believe these more interactive investments will increase your chances of success or accelerate your progress and improve your final results. 

I'm not at all academic or technical, so the more immersive and interactive training solutions the better it suited my personal learning needs and the regular human touch points kept me motivate to continue when things became difficult for me.   

During my time learning with and being supported by this community, I quick reached my first goal of building a multiple six figures per annum income and never needing to have a job ever again! (Individual results will clearly differ)