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 Mike Jacques & Stuart Ross, In Australia for (Marketing Mastery Training) 

At the beginning of 2019 Mike walked away from a six figure salary and a 30 year career in software sales to transform his life and become a digital entrepreneur and to run his own online marketing business. With the help of the SFM community Mike quickly built a profitable, automated, online business. Mike now helps others make the same lifestyle change, working from home and earning a passive income, even while travelling the world. Mike was disillusioned with the daily grind and commute to work, the never-ending 9 to 5, plus 70 hour weeks and the stress and politics that come from having a highly paid, successful, corporate career. He could see that he was selling his life to a boss he didn't like and the stress was impacting his health and the overall happiness of his family. He felt he had no choice, he just had to find another way to earn a living. 

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